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18 Oct 2011

Tourism satisfaction survey returns top results
15th October 2011
A survey, commissioned by Turismo de Portugal from market survey company GfK Metris, has returned very positive levels of tourist satisfaction.

A total of 95 percent of the 800, tourists interviewed from Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Ireland and Brazil, reported that their holiday experience had corresponded to or exceeded their expectations.

Over half of respondents reported that they were extremely satisfied, while the percentage reporting high satisfaction reached 87 percent of all tourists with a similar figure (86 percent) stating that they planned to return.
The Turismo de Portugal survey was carried out during the peak of the 2011 season and also found that 54 percent of international visitors were young couples while 47 percent were travelling in a group with friends.
The factors identified for such high levels of satisfaction were natural and cultural features such as beaches, landscapes, gastronomy and monuments with destination safety, restaurants and accommodation meeting or exceeding the expectations of over 90 percent of tourists.
Interviewed in Lisbon airports prior to their departure, tourists chose “climate, hospitality and beaches” as the words best defining the Portuguese tourism industry.
Furthermore, at a debate entitled ‘Lisbon - a competitive and innovative city,’ City Council President António Costa identified the mournful musical genre, Fado, the city’s patron saint, Santo António, and the poet, Fernando Pessoa, as the best symbols for boosting its profile.
Costa highlighted Moda Lisboa fashion week and Experimenta Design as key events on the city’s calendar, while the writer and Casa Fernando Pessoa director Inês Pedrosa suggested inviting the director Woody Allen to make a film about Lisbon.

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